NORGANOID is creating the next generation examination tool that facilitates the modeling of brain degeneration, and to test the efficacy of potential therapeutics. We build on the latest developments in human stem cell technology, fluidic bio-reactors and nanosensors, creating a system to engineer brain tissues directly from the patient’s stem cells. Moreover, it supports the execution and analysis of drug tests.

Turnkey Brain-On-Chip Solution

user supplied image
user supplied image
  • Rapidly engineer 3D brain organoids
  • Perform and analyze drug tests in real time
  • Conveniently setup, monitor, and adapt your experiments
  • Evaluate your results with a high degree of accuracy
  • Completely scalable

Change the game by enhancing Neurosciences with the NORGANOID's ABC system*:
A modular approach for directly deriving 3D brain organoid tissue from stem cells, quickly and with less expense.

*ABC system
Units: A= Analytics, B= Bioreactor, C= Control